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Constipation elearning - My Library
My Library is the centre of information on chronic constipation. Here you will find scientific and practical information about the disorder and patient management.
Constipation elearning - My Practice
In this module, you can test your clinical decisions with four interactive patient cases, each with their specific medical history and symptoms, focusing on practical skills in the diagnosis and management of chronic constipation.
1 Epidemiology, burden & pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes
This module describes and discusses type 2 diabetes, the burden of disease, risk factors, pathogenesis and the therapeutics implications of pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.
2 Complications and comorbidities of type 2 diabetes
Detect and diagnose type 2 diabetes; reveiw macrovascular and microvascular complications of diabetes and view evidence showing the relationship between glycemic control and diabetes-related complications
3 Management and treatment of type 2 diabetes
This module outlines the Management principles of type 2 diabetes; treatment goals and guidelines; management of cardiovascular risk factors; anti-hyperglycaemic agents and diabetes self-management education and support.
4 SGLT2 inhibitors and their MOA of type 2 diabetes
This module covers the history; physiology of glucose resorption; pathophysiology of glucosuria in type 2 diabetes; mode of action of SGLT2 inhibitors; genetic models for long-term SGLT inhibition and the effects of SGLT2 inhibitors.
5 Safety and adverse events of anti-diabetic therapies
This module outlines the safety and tolerability profile of anti-hyperglycaemic agents and SGLT2 inhibitors for type 2 diabetes.
6 Landmark Clinical Trials of type 2 diabetes
Module 6 summarises the evidence for a number of landmark trials in type 2 diabetes, including the UKPDS, ACCORD and ADVANCE trials.
Asthma is common worldwide, affecting people of all ages, race and gender. In Singapore, approximately 20% of children and 5% of adults are diagnosed with the condition.
Childhood Pain
In a typical month, an average healthy child will have about four episodes of pain related to injuries, disease or infections (eg. falls, sprains, sore throats) and one "ache", eg. headache or stomach ache.